Almeida Route


They come "running from the village to the news of the elephant's journey", carried by the enthusiasm of seeing something they no longer thought they would see. That enthusiasm of the local population, which Saramago described about Solomon's journey through this territory will certainly be the same that the Traveller will feel when arriving at this fortified town.

Between walls, moats and manor-houses that define the Vila de Almeida, we invite the traveller to know the multiple corners and nooks of this "Country Star" and to discover its vast monumental heritage, in a journey marked by several historical landmarks, more or less visible, and singular episodes of the History of Portugal, that the traveller can witness in this space.

It's around the village that a walled belt rich in ravelins, bulwarks and entrances confide its military importance. The Military Historical Museum of Almeida, inserted in the Casamates, represents in a didactic way the History of Portugal, highlighting the historical event associated with the third French Invasion, which particularly marked the History of Vila de Almeida and Portugal, which the Traveller cannot miss.

Almeida is not only a Historical Town, it is much more. It is a huge territory where the Côa River defines in a remarkable way the municipality's landscape, dividing its territory and guiding the Traveller to new places and new discoveries. In this route we highlight the places of Castelo Mendo (Historical Village) and Castelo Bom (Medieval Village), for still preserving a recognized patrimonial identity that testifies the frontier character of this territory, where castles are probably the best example of military architecture.

Before returning to the seat of the municipality, we propose to the traveller a tour through the interior territories of Almeida, continuing through the Village of Freineda, where you should visit the Chapel of Saint José 'Wellington', then go down to the Village of Malhada Sorda and appreciate its religious and artistic heritage, continuing to Vilar Formoso - main road frontier with Spain - where you must visit its Museum "Vilar Formoso Fronteira da Paz (Memorial to the Refugees and Consul Aristides de Sousa Mendes)" and take this moment to make an introspection about this remarkable place.

Before ending this journey, we invite the Traveller to relax in the natural mineral waters of the Fonte Santa Thermal Spa, located in a unique natural and landscape setting, over the Côa River, where the silence that marks this space is occasionally invaded by wind currents and the echoing of riparian birds. This setting will invite the traveller to document this experience on video, photograph or even in writing, just as Saramago was inspired by the country in his "Journey to Portugal".

And because this journey is made of inspiration, we try to offer unique memories, so, we invite the Traveller to enjoy the rich and diverse local gastronomy that preserves and values the identity of Beira Interior and, specifically, of the Municipality of Almeida.


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