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All Points of Interest
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Casas do Côro Restaurant

Eduardo Lourenço Square

Memorial allusive to the essayist from São Pedro do Rio Seco, Eduardo Lourenço.

Roman Villa at Quinta da Fórnea

The Roman ruins of Vila da Fórnea are a monumental complex dating back to the 2nd century, built with various divisions, some of which are still well defined, namely olive oil and wine presses, cereal processing, iron foundry, animal stables. Also uncovered were some thermal baths, with the traditional tanks, which would allow for baths of different temperatures, as well as vestiges of the hypocaust and apoditerium which would complete the equipment of a thermal bath and various compartments related to the dwelling of the owners and their dependents.

Centum Cellas Tower

It is a curious and unique stone monument built around the year I A.D. This tower is 12 meters high and has three partial stories, whose function is still not clear. Some of the hypotheses are that it may have been a temple, a prison, a patretorium (a general's tent or central area of a Roman camp), a mansio (inn) or even a Roman villa.

Restaurant o Lagarto

Casa do Leão Lodging

Casas do Côro - House of Senhora da Guia

Vale de Madeira Medieval Bridge Ruins

The ruins of the bridge show how imposing it must have been for its time.

Historic Centre of Castelo Rodrigo

It is an authentic monumental space where it is important to highlight the old walls, the ruins of the Palace of Cristóvão de Moura, the five hundred year old pillory, the main church, the medieval cistern and the vestiges that confirm the existence of New Christians.

Church of Sra da Graça

It is a Catholic temple whose 18th century ex-vows in the chapel made Saramago go to Sabugal in his Journey to Portugal, but he returned discouraged not to have seen them. The ex-vows of Our Lady of Grace are now properly restored and exposed in the chapel of the sanctuary for those who want to see these authentic masterpieces of sacred art and some of them dedicated to Our Lady of Grace, in which the miracle she granted a nun, affected with cancer in a breast, but who was saved by divine intervention, is thanked.