Guarda Route


In the highest city in Portugal, the cold mountain air winds its way through the granite streets, unveiling the symbols of the Jewish presence that are engraved on the stones of the old houses in the historic centre of the city of Guarda. In this place, marked by several "mysteries", we challenge the traveller to discover, simultaneously, the secrets of its monumental heritage and the warmth of its people.

Walk through the intertwined streets of the Historical Centre, discover the local Jewish quarter, visit the monumental Cathedral, rest for a few moments on a terrace under the XVIII century old arcades of the Praça Velha (Old Square) and appreciate the details of its architecture, get to know the Guarda Municipal Museum. These are just some suggestions that we share with the traveller, because we are sure that your curiosity will lead you to other points of interest in the city and in the Municipality of Guarda.

Impressive with its appearance of fortress and monumentality, the Cathedral of Guarda impresses by the inspiration of the gothic design and decoration of its exterior and the grand Renaissance altarpiece of the main chapel, among many other aspects. In this immersion in the Cathedral the traveller is obliged to locate and learn the "story" about the famous gargoyle that is strategically positioned towards Spain.

The climb to the Ferreiros Tower offers the traveller a privileged scenery about the territory of Guarda and its dimension. This experience must be lived in the different seasons of the year, providing the Traveller with very different perspectives, colours and emotions.

In winter, the city is covered in a white mantle, adorning the landscapes and the streets that only warm up with the human warmth of its community and of those who visit.

The mountains of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and the Mondego River valley in springtime paint the landscape green and invite the practice of outdoor activities, such as a walk along the most recent Mondego Footpaths, a 12 km route that leads the traveller to the discovery of multiple natural and landscape secrets, where the Caldeirão Waterfall stands out.

And because this journey is made of inspiration, we try to offer unique memories, so, we invite the Traveller to enjoy the rich and diverse local gastronomy that preserves and values the identity of Beira Interior and, specifically, of the Municipality of Guarda.


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