Fundão Route


A unique territory where the seasons of the year define the landscape and the most diverse shades, where the kindness and generosity of its people mark all those who pass through there, Saramago felt it and so did Solomon.

According to A Viagem do Elefante, Solomon passed through "a village such as we no longer see nowadays", this village that we challenge the traveler to get to know and explore - Castelo Novo (Historical Village of Portugal) - keeps its rural roots and, among its streets, stands a castle, from which offers the traveler a privileged view over the natural and historical-cultural landscape of Beira Interior.

After Castelo Novo, we suggest the traveler to discover Alpedrinha, an iconic place that used to resemble an open-air museum due to the concentration of elements of relevant historical and cultural value, and which currently still keeps its historical identity preserved. According to Saramago, it offers "more riches than all of Lisbon's palaces and mansions", whether interpreted by its monumental material heritage or by the humanity of its community. In Alpedrinha, the traveler cannot miss Palácio do Picadeiro, a museological and culturally relevant space where, among other things, the traditional inlaid wood carvings from Alpedrinha are displayed.

In the Municipality's centre of Fundão we propose to the traveler a "trip back in time" in the José Monteiro Municipal Archeological Museum where he will be able to witness the multiple pre-historical vestiges, inscribed in stones, which are part of the extraordinary legacy of this territory.

After visiting Castelo Novo, Alpedrinha and the municipality center (Fundão), we invite the traveler to go through the narrow roads of the rugged slopes of this territory, where cherry trees blossom. When arriving in Alcongosta, he will have to visit Casa da Cereja (Cherry House) to discover the true meaning of "Red Gold" and its importance in the local socio-economic background.

For future memory, we also challenge the traveler to climb up to the Casa do Guarda and witness the uniqueness of the landscape offered, where the horizon is lost between the fields of cherry trees and pine forests, where shepherds and their flocks challenge the orography of the Serra da Gardunha and, for brief moments, you can lose yourself in the tranquility that this place provides.

And because this journey is made of inspiration, we try to offer unique memories, so, we invite the Traveller to enjoy the rich and diverse local gastronomy that preserves and values the identity of Beira Interior and, specifically, of the Municipality of Fundão.


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