Sabugal Route


Integrated in the Natural Reserve of Serra da Malcata, Sabugal surprises us in all senses and will do the same to the Traveller, so we invite you to discover the unique landscape of this "destination", its iconic monuments, its gastronomy, its remarkable traditions and, of course, the most extraordinary of the Historical Villages of Portugal - Sortelha -, where Solomon stayed overnight.

Like Solomon, the traveller must know Sortelha, which Saramago described in his literary work - A Viagem do Elefante - as a place composed of about "two dozen huts", but today there are more than two dozen, and witness the authenticity of this place, marked by granite walls, streets and houses. In this walled historical village, the traveller has several points of interest to explore, but cannot miss the granite sculpture of an elephant which marks the passage of Solomon through this place.

After this immersion in Sortelha we suggest the traveler to go to the town of Sabugal and visit its castle, also known as the Castelo das Cinco Quinas, it is the most interesting heritage element of the city, but not the only one. In Sabugal city, the traveler can also learn about the origins of this place through the Municipal Museum of Sabugal where the human occupation of the lands of Riba Coa is told through the archaeological heritage found in this territory.

The route that we propose to the traveler by the lands of Sabugal also validates its historical importance in the defense of nationality and many other episodes that marked the History of Portugal, in which the Castles take on a particular prominence and that in this territory, for being in the country's border, gain even greater relevance. Thus, we highlight the Alfaiates, Vilar Maior and Vila do Touro Castles that the traveller cannot miss, as well as the respective places where they are located, since in the past, each of these places even assumed the status of county seat and, therefore, several material and immaterial legacies of that period still persist.

The journey is already long, a reflection of the territorial extent of the municipality of Sabugal and the attractiveness of natural and historical-cultural heritage, so you can experience and simultaneously relax with the therapeutic qualities of natural mineral water from the Parque Termal do Cró, as well as know the old thermal baths, which are a real estate returned.

If the traveller chooses to live this experience in August, then he cannot miss one of the most distinctive traditions of this territory, the Capeia Arraiana. A bullfighting event that fills the small streets of the villages that practice it with the art and bravery of its people, who collectively and with the help of the fork, handle the wild bull.

And because this journey is made of inspiration, we try to offer unique memories, so, we invite the Traveller to enjoy the rich and diverse local gastronomy that preserves and values the identity of Beira Interior and, specifically, of the Municipality of Sabugal.


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